Muirfield Black Rock hatchery : Black / Brown and Grey Rock chicks & pullets.

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For best results with your pullets we recommend that you clean your henhouse with disinfectant and, if made of wood, that you creosote it all inside and out approximately one week prior to the new pullets arriving.

Wood shavings on the floor help to keep the pullets happy with dust-baths while using sawdust in the nest- boxes (4 to 6 hens per nest) will help keep the eggs clean for you.

We also recommend the provision of artificial lighting to extend the length of daylight to around 15 hours. One 40 watt or energy saver bulb will provide enough light. Using a time clock, start early in the morning at 2.30am with food and water in the henhouse for the birds enjoyment and comfort 90% of the eggs will be laid by 9am. even during the darkest and coldest nights of the year. This will also allow early collection of eggs giving the hens day long freedom outside or in, (their choice) with the benefit of a natural return to roosting in their henhouse as dusk falls.

FOOD and WATER must be available all the time.
REMEMBER the better you feed and look after your pullets or hens the better they will lay for you !